Welcome to Rest Jug!

As climbing enthusiasts ourselves, we realised that the web already had a high number of blogs written by climbers (rightfully!) and that competitions and their results are increasingly easy to follow (luckily!). And, of course, we were always aware of the many newsmasters that collate news together and write editorials on their own websites.

So, we thought of bringing something a bit different to the climbing community. We wanted to pay attention not only to what happens in our world but, more importantly, to who can be found behind the competition podiums, the hard sends and the new routes: the athletes themselves.
And we set out to understand more about the “who” of the climbing scene by giving our very best at one simple thing: talking to the athletes and listening to what they have to say. We really think that the people doing the talking should be those who actually win the competitions, who bolt and send the hard routes, who find and climb the hard boulders or discover the brand new areas.

Because of this belief, Rest Jug aims to be a website of interviews to both indoors and outdoors climbers in a “quality over quantity” approach.

You won’t find a timely report of the latest hard send on rocks or competition result unless we can enrich it with some meaningful words from those who were involved in it.

You won’t find articles about training techniques and injury avoidance unless we have talked to coaches and athletes about the topic and witnessed things first hand.

We know that “when mountains talk, wise men listen” and we believe that “when climbing athletes talk, climbing enthusiasts will listen”. But we have to find out for sure, so here we are working hard for you : )

Thank you for reading!

The Rest Jug Team